Natural insulation –
wood-wool boards

Natural, resilient and with character – these characteristics not only stand for the lightweight wood-wool panels by Fibrolith, but also for the people who produce them in the Eifel region – Made in Germany. The panels are made of natural raw materials and do not discharge any harmful contaminants. The wood at Fibrolith has been given the PEFC seal and is demonstrably sourced from ecological, economical and sustainable forestry. In addition, the panels have the environmental “Blue Angel” label.

New in the assortment: The PURE GENIUS™ air-purifying coating can be used to remove harmful gases, such as VOCs (e.g. formaldehyde), NOx (e.g. vehicle exhausts) or unpleasant odors from the room air.

Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH

Experience how innovative insulating boards for the whole world are created in the middle of the beautiful Vulkaneifel-district made of PEFC-certified woods.

Whether acoustic boards in all shapes and colors for pleasant room acoustics, multi-layer panels for underground car park insulation with the highest level of fire protection, plaster base panels for the breathable insulation of prefabricated houses, permeable stable ventilation panels for agricultural buildings or impact-resistant wall and ceiling coverings for gymnasiums

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Applications with wood-wool panels

Natural acoustics with wood-wool panels

Everywhere where peace and pleasant room acoustics are important, lightweight wood-wool panels are in high demand – not only because of the excellent sound absorption values, but also for architectural and sustainable reasons.

Especially when building new schools or renovating schools and kindergartens, architects are increasingly writing lightweight wood-wool panels for acoustic ceiling coverings. A fine example is the first Berlin “school constructed at high speed" in the district of Mahlsdorf. Here, the planners have even used our Fibro-Kustik boards as a colored guide system for orientation in the school building.

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The wood-wool structure of our boards "swallows" disturbing sound waves and thus promotes well-being in the room at hand. With a new acoustic ceiling made of Fibro-Kustik boards, the reverberation times in the Kempenrich kindergarten can be reduced by more than 50%. Quote from an educator: “Vacation for the ears”.

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Creativity meets wood-wool

"Whoever does what he already can, always remains what he already is.” This quote from Henry Ford was the motivation and encouragement for the material study by Ann-Kristin Büttner with Fibrolith wood-wool boards and their most important component - wood-wool.

Mrs. Büttner has documented the development of her first-class Master’s thesis in the specialist field "Furniture and Interior Design", entitled "TURNING INSIDE OUT", in this short film. Let yourself be entertained and inspired.

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