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Welcome to our new home page

We are very happy to welcome you to our new home page.

After weeks of technical, visual and content revision, we have now fundamentally modernized and renewed our website. In addition to a modern web design with large application images, the focus was primarily on adapting the content to the needs of our target groups. Architects, craftsmen, building materials dealers, municipal decision-makers or interested builders, without much search effort, get an even better overview of Fibrolith's wood-wool panels and their diverse areas of application.

As usual, we will keep you regularly up to date on news from the company on our home page.

We wish you a lot of fun discovering our home page.Of course, we appreciate your feedback and are just as grateful for suggestions and comments as we are for praise or criticism.

Akustikdecken aus der Eifel für erste Berliner Schnellbauschule
fibrolith referenzobjekt ims schule berlin mahlsberg holzwolledaemplatte titelbild

Acoustic ceilings from the Eifel region for the first Berlin school constructed at high speed

The first Berlin “school constructed at high speed" in Mahlsdorf was built entirely in wood modular structure.When it comes to interior design, the planners attached great importance to the natural material wood and good room acoustics.For covering all ceiling surfaces (9,890 m²) Fibro-Kustik boards "Barcelona" with super-fine wool (approx. 1 mm) in standard format 1200 x 600 x 25 mm with chamfer were used – sprayed in color or natural.

Download report (doc, pdf) Object report

Geschäftsführerwechsel bei Fibrolith
Geschäftsführerwechsel bei Fibrolith

Change of the managing director at Fibrolith

Peter Graner (left), Managing Director of Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH, left the company at the end of October to face a new professional challenge outside the Soprema Group.He was succeeded by Christophe Beyer (right).

For six years, Mr. Graner ran the company with a lot of passion and commitment. Through his efforts during this time, he is largely responsible for Fibrolith's success and extremely positive business development. In exciting times, he was always able to motivate his team to put new and interesting business ideas into practice. The staff would like to express their sincere thanks for setting the course for the future of Fibrolith, which will continue to be successful.

Christophe Beyer is French and 54 years old. As production manager in the wood industry and branch manager at Saint-Gobain, he initially assumed the position of marketing director at Soprema. Most recently, he worked there as a development director. He is highly motivated and looks forward to taking on the responsible task in the German Vulkaneifel-district. The management of the Soprema Group as well as the employees of Fibrolith will support the new Managing Director with their full commitment.

We hope that you, too, will show Mr. Beyer the same confidence as we do and look forward to working with you as a partner, customer or supplier in the future.

Unsere Holzwolle-Leichtbauplatten bei Schöner Wohnen
fibrolith news akustikplatten schoener wohnen

Our wood-wool lightweight boards and panels at Schöner Wohnen

MATERIAL TRIAD - Builders have placed a lot of importance on surfaces.This was rewarded:Exposed concrete, terrazzo and acoustic boards made of wood wool now give the rooms a modern look.

to the report (PDF) More Reports

acoustex 2019 - Fibrolith zieht positive Messebilanz
acoustex 2019 - Fibrolith zieht positive Messebilanz

acoustex 2019 - Fibrolith draws positive balance from the trade show

The decision to present its lightweight wood-wool panels from the Eifel at the trade show for noise control and sound design was absolutely right.This is the positive result of the Fibrolith trade show team after the two-day exhibition in Dortmund.

The Fibrolith acoustic solutions could be presented to a highly specialized visitor target group such as architects, building physicists, contractors, object designers, product developers, consultants as well as wholesalers and retailers. In addition, many architects used the informative specialist lecture on continuing vocational training.

Peter Berrer, graduate in business management, gave his lecture on "Sound absorption and pollutant reduction in indoor air" in front of a highly interested expert audience consisting of architects and engineers.

Interiors whose ceilings and/or walls are covered with Fibrolith acoustic boards significantly improve room acoustics, and can also be equipped with the novel PURE GENIUS™ coating to neutralize pollutants in the ambient air. In particular, fast volatile hydrocarbon compounds and nitrogen oxides from the ambient air are converted into water, carbon dioxide and nitrates in the tested photocatalysis process.

We will definitely benefit from the many interesting technical discussions between booth visitors and the Fibrolith trade-show team.